Comics: Fantastic Four, Captain America Teams Announced for Marvel NOW!

If you’re going to relaunch a whole slew of comic book titles, you could announce them all at once or you could do this. Every day this week, Marvel has unveiled a new creative team for one of the titles that they’re relaunching in November. So far we’ve seen Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, and Deadpool. Today, we’ve got a look at two new books and creative teams with rumblings of a third on the way.

iFanboy has confirmed that the creative team on the new Captain America comic will be none other than Rick Remender and John Romita Jr. We’ve also got a tease of what can only be the new Fantastic Four series by Matt Fraction and Mark Bagley. USA Today also claims to have a third teaser image, which they haven’t shared, that lists Fraction and Mike Allred will be taking on the FF series in a teaser that is labeled “Extended.” All these titles launch in November. Stay tuned here for any more details that will come up.

Update: As USA Today teased, here is the “Extended” teaser. They speculate that it is for the FF relaunch and we agree with them. There is also a teaser for what can only be X-men Legacy via MTV Geek with Simon Spurrier writing and Tan Eng Huat as artist.