Comic-Con: Director Paul W.S. Anderson on Resident Evil: Retribution

This September, the fifth chapter in the series, Resident Evil: Retribution, will open nationwide September 14th, bringing back not only Milla Jovovich’s Alice but a lot of characters from the previous installments – many of them who are dead – as well as introducing Ada Wong (Bingbing Li) and Leon Kennedy (Johann Urb) from the games.

Even though it may not seem like the movies have gotten that much bigger in terms of business since the first movie in 2002, the previous movie, Resident Evil: Afterlife, which was the first one filmed in 3D, became a nearly $300 million global phenomenon. That may be why Resident Evil: Retribution is boasting its own global initiative as Alice and friends end up travelling to a lot of different places outside Raccoon City in this one.

Both and have interviewed Anderson many times, but for one reason or another, this writer has never had a chance to even meet him, so it was cool to finally be able to meet and talk to this master of the horror and video game movie genre.

You can check out the interview by clicking here!