New Avengers TV Spot to Debut Through Avengers Alliance Facebook Game

Marvel has just announced that they’ll be premiering the next TV spot for Marvel’s The Avengers through their hit Facebook game “Marvel: Avengers Alliance.” The new spot, which will go live later today, can be viewed only in the game, which you can play by clicking here. Players who watch the exclusive spot will receive a “thank you” in the form of a gold bar, the coveted in-game currency.

In this exciting new spot for Marvel’s The Avengers, we see the team of Heroes coming together to fight a common enemy. This is the first time Marvel has premiered an exclusive movie spot or trailer within a video game.

“Marvel: Avengers Alliance has attracted more than 4 million players since it launched last month, so we believe this game is the ideal platform for reaching a large and passionate Avengers fan base,” says Mike Rubinelli, vice president of Playdom’s studio operations.