Russo and Sosenko to Adapt Too Cool to be Forgotten

Stefanie Azpiazu and Riva Marker will be executive producers on the film. The project came out of Likely Story’s first look deal with Top Shelf Comix that was negotiated in 2009, when media entrepreneur John S. Johnson invested in the company.

The story revolves around family man Andy Wicks who goes to a hypnosis clinic to break a 25-year smoking habit. While mocking the session as “mumbo jumbo,” he is suddenly transformed into his 15-year-old self back in 1985. With his 40-something mind still intact, and convinced that he is just experiencing a hypnosis-induced brain state, he is nonetheless forced to relive the horrors of algebra class, visits to the principal, elaborate social hierarchies, and, of course, intense sexual frustration. Is he doomed to relive the mistakes of his past, or can he revise history to finally get things right in his life?

Bregman commented: “‘Too Cool to be Forgotten’ is a story that demonstrates that comic books can be as profound and moving as they can be funny and entertaining, and that is exactly what this team hopes to replicate on the screen.”

Cartoonist, Alex Robinson, whose previous works “Box Office Poison” and “Tricked” brought him critical acclaim, was praised for his publication, “Too Cool to be Forgotten,” which earned him the Harvey Award for Best Original Graphic Novel.