Report on a New Set for The Avengers

Scooper 'Puckenstein' sent in this report and photos of a set being built for The Avengers in Cleveland:

I work in the Terminal Tower in downtown Cleveland, and my office overlooks Public Square. Over the past week, the crew of the Avengers has been doing a lot of construction in the square.


They have built two wooden shacks, that somewhat resemble Oktoberfest bars which currently have beer tap handles lying across their bars.


Today they removed the State of Ohio and American flags and replaced them with the Civil flag of Baden-Wurttemburg with the crest of the City of Stuttgart in the middle, as well as the Greater State Service flag of Baden-Wurttemberg.


I have included photos, as well as an aerial shot with arrows indicating items which have been added to Public Square.  The red arrows indicate new walls which have been built. They are wooden with a laminate on them to make them look like they are a part of the original layout. The yellow arrows indicate items that have been added, such as the aforementioned Oktoberfest bars and potted trees. Most of the plants/vegetation has also been added.


Also, a source at the Renaissance Hotel, which is connected to the Terminal Tower, told me that there will be some explosions during filming in Public Square. He was told of this so that he could inform hotel guests.