Powers Adds Carly Foulkes

“A couple of weeks ago, we cast a woman named Carly Foulkes to be Retro Girl,” Bendis told the Sirius Radio Show Geektime (via reader Mac_hine), “You’re sitting there going, ‘Who’s that?’ That is the super, super cute T-Mobile girl.”

The series, headed to FX, deals with a pair of detectives that investigate superhero-related homicides. In the comic book series, Retro Girl is a celebrity heroine whose murder marks the first major case for Christian Walker (Patric) and Deena Pilgrim (Punch). If the comics are any indication, the death of Retro Girl is only the beginning of the exploration into the character’s history and her close ties to several of the series’ regulars.

The TV series is gearing up to shoot in Chicago this summer. “Powers” launched as a comic book in 2004 from Image Comics and is currently published by Marvel’s Icon imprint.