Paul Soter to Write Dr. Deth with Kip and Muffy

Paul Soter, founding member of the Broken Lizard Comedy troop, actor and writer of films Beerfest, Super Troopers and The Slammin’ Salmon and director of the soon to be released film, Dark Circles, has agreed to write the film adaption of comic book creator Larry Hama’s “Dr. Deth with Kip and Muffy.” The film will be produced by Framelight Productions.

Soter was drawn to the project by the history of the property and the fact that this is a chance to create a world where normal rules of life, physics and everything else does not exist. “This is a story,” begins Soter, “that should have a visual style unlike anything ever done in cinema before. Mutants, cannibals, babes and guns… Call my travel agent, I want a ticket!” Framelight’s Robert L. Robinson, Jr., and Jeffrey D. Erb will produce the film. Larry Hama, the writer and creator of the “Dr. Deth With Kip with Muffy” comic is executive producing.

“As a long time fan of ‘Dr. Deth with Kip and Muffy’ since their first appearance,” states Framelight’s Co-President, Robert Robinson, “I could not be happier than to have Larry’s creation come to life via Paul Soter’s pen. He’ll bring the adventure, chaos and humor that this story has waited for.”

“Paul brings a new Hollywood sensibility to storytelling,” explains Framelight Co-President, Jeffrey Erb. “He gets properties like Dr. Deth, as he’s as much a fan as he’s a creator and only wants to give Dr. Deth with Kip and Muffy the epic treatment it deserves.”

“Paul Soter gets it,” states Larry Hama the creator of Dr. Deth. “He understands the sensibility and tone, and totally has a grip on the characters and their interactions.”

“Dr. Deth With Kip and Muffy” first appeared in 1982 in Marvel Comics’ “Bizarre Adventures #31” with the story and art by Larry Hama. Their next appearance was in holiday issue of “Bizarre Adventures #34” with a story by Larry Hama and the art by Bob Camp of “Ren & Stimpy” fame. Taking place in a post apocalyptic New Jersey, where cannibalistic mutants have overrun society, the human race has one hero left… the bounty hunter Dr. Deth and his two female companions, Kip and Muffy.