CinemaCon: We’ve Seen Hawkeye’s Costume!

About halfway through the presentation, they surprised us by showing a sizzle reel assembled from footage from previous Marvel movies along with EPK-style interviews with various members of the cast for the ensemble action film. The reel included some new footage we haven’t seen from Thor where he’s smashing his hammer down and causing waves of destruction, what looked like some pre-vis for The Avengers, as well as our first look at what Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye costume is going to look like.

Basically, Hawkeye’s costume is going to be very similar to the Ultimates version of the character and what he looks like on the cover to the left. In the concept art, we see Renner wearing similar dark glasses and a leather outfit with a matching over-the-shoulder leather quill for his arrows, only the movie version of Hawkeye has the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo emblazoned on it to show his government allegiances. His precision bow is much like the one used by archers who do it for sports and hunting, which again, is also much like the Ultimates Hawkeye has in the picture to the left.

The short presentation also included a little bit with Mark Ruffalo talking about the Hulk and how he’s definitely going to be a hero in this movie rather than being the catalyst that brings the group together as was the case in the early comics, although as we seen in the comics too many times, you can’t put these many egos together without a few fights happening along the way. There was no mention of Skrulls.