UPDATE: The Dark Knight Not Rising in Pittsburgh?

UPDATE: A photo of Christopher Nolan and company in Pittsburgh has shown up at Nolan Fans and indicates they are still scouting. We think this is in anticipation that the production may still get the below tax credit.

Pittsburgh’s WTEA is reporting that the Warner Bros. may be rethinking the upcoming shoot in the city for The Dark Knight Rises due to a freeze in remaining funds in Pennsylvania’s Film Tax Credit Program:

The tax credit program has currently been put on hold until the state budget is passed next month, which means the city, and the state, could lose out on big business.

"We believe that the new administration in Harrisburg, they understand the economics of all of that. Now is not the time to get out of the movie business, so to speak," said Pittsburgh Film Office Chairman Russ Streiner.

Streiner said applications can be filed up to 90 days prior to principal photography.

Pittsburgh-based Nancy Mosser Casting sent an e-mail to WTAE Channel 4 Action News Thursday night encouraging residents to contact local lawmakers and Pa. Gov. Tom Corbett to keep the productions from leaving.

"The producers of Batman and 2 other movies have all said if the money is not released they WILL go elsewhere and Pittsburgh will lose an astronomical amount of money," read a statement on the casting agency’s website.

You can read more on this here.