Superman Movie to Shoot in Alberta?

The Calgary Herald is reporting that director Zack Snyder could be filming scenes for the new Superman movie in Alberta:

Culture minister Lindsay Blackett confirmed Wednesday that part of a $200-million Hollywood film will be shot in Alberta. He would not name the film, the director or the studio behind it, but did say that the production is expected to spend roughly $35 million in the province.

He said he expects an announcement to be made within two months.

An industry insider told the Herald that this likely means Superman: Man of Steel, director Zack Snyder’s big-budget reboot, will have a unit shoot here. Another source confirmed that producers behind Man of Steel have been looking at Alberta, but said nothing has been confirmed.

The Warner Brothers movie is expected to start filming in Vancouver in the summer.

"I would expect there will be an announcement in the next 60 days about a significant picture, a blockbuster to be shot in Alberta," says Blackett.

"There might be one that is a $200 million, but it’s probably more like a $35-million Alberta spend. The details are fairly intricate right now. That’s a big-budget movie for us. The success of Inception and all the good comments made by the crew and actors and director go a long way. That is a movie that made a lot of money."

The Superman movie is expected to hit theaters in December of 2012.