Stephen Dorff on the Blade Spinoff That Never Was

Even though the original Blade spawned two sequels, one of the ideas that was long on the table was a spinoff of the franchise featuring the first film’s villain, Deacon Frost. Sean Plummer caught up with Stephen Dorff, the man who played Frost, who had a view things to say about the comic book film that never happened.

"Me and Steve Norrington had a cool treatment for that," Dorff said, "and when vampires got all this trending again, we thought we should do the adult version, more of like a Scarface Deacon Frost movie… ‘Blade’ was such a ’90s thing. I didn’t want to do a ‘Blade’ movie, I just really wanted to take Deacon and do then do a whole other thing which was much more today."

Dorff goes on to say that the proposed film may one day still see the light but that it will most likely be reworked to tell the story of a new character separate from the Marvel Universe.