Blood Hunt 4 cover by Tony S. Daniel
(Image Source: Marvel / Tony S. Daniel)

True Leader of Vampires Revealed in Blood Hunt #4

Marvel ComicsBlood Hunt event is built around an army of vampires magically blocking out the sun and declaring war on humanity. The first issue revealed the vampires’ leader as Blade, the Daywalker apparently submitting to the influence of his vampire half. Few believed this twist — in universe or out — believing instead that the famed vampire hunter was either being manipulated or impersonated. Blood Hunt #4 has proven this to be the case.

Written by Jed MacKay, with art by Pepe Larraz, Blood Hunt #4 opens with a dark miracle. The Temple of First Blasphemy, a place of evil from ancient Atlantis, is transported to Central Park. It was from here that “Blade” and his followers planned to execute the next step of their plans.

Among these followers was Black Panther, who had been turned after an attack on the Avengers. Still somewhat in control of his own mind, Black Panther guessed that “Blade” was not truly Blade. The vampire leader confirmed this, saying he was “something much greater,” that was about to become greater still.

The first vampire, Varnae, started the Blood Hunt

“Blade” revealed himself to be Varnae, the first vampire in the Marvel Universe. Varnae had been part of the ancient cult that first transcribed the evil tome that became known as the Darkhold. His transformation was part of a last ditch effort to save himself after his cult was destroyed. It was also the first step in a greater ritual.

Varnae explains plan in Blood Hunt 4
(Image Source: Marvel / Pepe Larraz)

Varnae’s original body was destroyed, but his spirit endured to do battle with both Doctor Strange and Blade. He sought to possess Blade’s body once before, but that effort failed. Apparently there was a second attempt, which did not. Now, clothed in the flesh of the Daywalker, Varnae intends to use the Blood Hunt to finish what he started. Channeling the released energy of the Darkforce blocking the sun, Varnae hopes to become a being of pure evil, “a vampire that consumes entire planets.”

Blood Hunt #4 is now available at comic shops everywhere.