Mia Goth Gives Blade Update: ‘They Want to Make a Great Movie’
(Photo by Araya Doheny/FilmMagic)

Mia Goth Gives Blade Update: ‘They Want to Make a Great Movie’

Despite the ongoing developmental struggles of Marvel Studios’ Blade, star Mia Goth is still confident that a great movie will be made.

Speaking at the premiere of Maxxxine, Goth was asked about the MCU film and what’s she thought about Blade despite its reported struggles to find a proper tone and begin production.

“They really care, they do,” Goth said to Deadline. “They want to make a great movie. That’s the sense that I get from them, and that feels good.”

Original Blade plans called for a period piece

Specifically, the film that was planned to begin filming last year would have seen the movie set in the 1920s and had featured Mia Goth as a vampire named Lilith, who would be going after the blood of Blade’s daughter.

Another iteration, THR notes, would have utilized a “massive train set” that was built by Marvel but never used. It is speculated that it could be given to another Disney project. Now, reportedly, the Blade MCU movie is set in present day, although no additional details are known about the project as of now.

Blade’s production had a turbulent period throughout the last two years, with previous director Bassim Tariq leaving the project in 2022. Originally set to release on November 3, 2023, the movie ended up being delayed to September 6, 2024. Now it is set for November 7, 2025. It will star Mahershala Ali and Mia Goth, who is rumored to be playing the role of Lilith.

Wesley Snipes previously starred as the titular Daywalker in the New Line Cinema Blade trilogy from the late ’90s to early 2000s. He was then played by Kirk “Sticky Fingaz” Jones in the 2006 Spike TV series. Most recently, in 2022’s Marvel’s Midnight Suns video game, the character was voiced by Michael Jai White.