Blade Red Band 1 cover by Carlos Fabian Villa
(Image Source: Marvel / Carlos Fabian Villa)

Blade Returns to Comics in New Red Band Series

Blade may be having a hard time returning to the silver screen, but his career at Marvel Comics is still strong. The Daywalker is a key figure in Marvel’s big summer crossover event, Blood Hunt. Now he’s ready to return in a bloody new series, Blade: Red Band, that is not for children or the squeamish.

The new series will set up a new status quo for the Daywalker following the events of Blood Hunt. For years, Eric Brooks was the most famous vampire hunter in the world. Then he became the most infamous vampire lord since Dracula. The new series finds him trying to determine to what degree his vampire heritage still taints him. Eric must also find out how much of the man he was remains, and if there is any chance at redemption for his crimes.

Blade: Red Band will be scripted by acclaimed author Bryan Edward Hill. He is perhaps best known to Marvel readers for his current run on Ultimate Black Panther. The artwork will be provided by Carlos Fabian Villa of Avengers fame.

Villa’s cover for Blade: Red Band #1 can be viewed below.

(Image Source: Marvel / Carlos Fabian Villa)

Blade: Red Band is very much aimed at adults

The chief selling point of Blade: Red Band is its status as a mature comic aimed at adult readers. The title is a nod to this, as “red band” refers to movie trailers in the United States rated for adult audiences. The cover, in which Blade bisects a vampire’s head, also makes it clear this is no kid’s comic.

To further drive that point home like a wooden stake, Marvel is taking special precautions with Blade: Red Band. Every issue of the series will be rated as Parental Advisory, with a warning of the explicit content within. Every issue will also be polybagged, to keep innocent eyes and weak hearts from accidentally experiencing what promises to be an intense read.

Blade: Red Band #1 arrives in comic stores everywhere on October 9, 2024.