Will We See Star Sapphire in Green Lantern?

Blake Lively chatted with MTV and was asked about playing Carol Ferris in Green Lantern following her role in The Town.

"To get to do a role like this that is so dark and so different and so broken and then to go be in a superhero movie opposite such amazing actors and an incredible director, and not just be the damsel in distress, be a fighter pilot, be his boss at the company, to play women with strengths are the characters I’m most attracted to," Lively said.

Carol ultimately becomes the villain Star Sapphire in the comics, but will there be any signs of that in the first film? ""No, not yet," Lively added. "Well, I mean, there are always winks and homages to certain things in the comics for the fans, but I don’t think you know yet how evil she turns."

The Martin Campbell-directed Green Lantern is scheduled to hit theaters on June 17.