Green Lantern 13 cover by Salvador Larroca
(Image Source: DC / Salvador Larroca)

Hal Jordan Tortured in Absolute Power Tie-In Green Lantern #13 Preview

Amanda Waller has crossed many lines in her bid for Absolute Power. The woman called “The Wall” has also forged many unexpected alliances to neutralize her enemies. The preview of Green Lantern #13 centers around one such enemy; the rogue Corps member Hal Jordan.

Written by Jeremy Adams, with art by Fernando Pasarin, Green Lantern #13 finds Hal Jordan in dire straits. Captured by Amanda Waller, the space-traveling superhero is tortured for the secret of his new ring. Despite this, and the problems before him, Jordan’s spirits are high. Partly due to his natural willfulness. Partly because Carol Ferris recently reaffirmed her status as the love of his life.

The cover and first four pages of the book may be viewed below.

(Image Source: DC / Fernando Pasarin)

What happens in the Green Lantern #13 preview?

While a tie-in to Absolute Power, the preview of this book is more focused on continuing subplots from the monthly Green Lantern comic. The galaxy is imperiled by a coup, facilitated by Thaaros, Lord-Premiere of the United Planets. A member of the shape-shifting people of Durlan, Thaaros replaced the leadership of the United Planets with his own people. Worse yet, he destroyed all the other Corps who tap the Emotional Spectrum. This left him with a private army, armed with Power Rings capable of tapping the whole spectrum.

Thaaros formed an alliance with Amanda Waller, promising to end space travel to Earth in exchange for her cooperation in capturing Hal Jordan. However, Green Lantern #13 makes it clear that Waller (as usual) has her own agenda. She seeks to claim the power of the special ring Hal Jordan possess for herself. Unfortunately for her, there are few nuts harder to crack than the will of a Green Lantern, especially Hal Jordan.

Green Lantern #13 arrives in comic shops everywhere on July 10, 2024.