Green Lantern 12 cover by Xermanico
(Image Source: DC / Xermanico)

Green Lantern #12 Confirms an Unlikely Alliance

The storyline of the Green Lantern series centers around a conflict in the United Planets, which currently oversees the Corps. An unknown player was manipulating the UP whilst simultaneously destroying every Corps that tapped the Emotional Spectrum for power. Now, not only has this player been revealed, but so has their alliance with a familiar enemy of Earth’s heroes.

Written by Jeremy Adams with art by Xermanico, Green Lantern #12 found Hal Jordan and his Resistance Corps under attack. They had gone to Thaaros of Durlan, Lord-Premiere of the United Planets, with evidence someone was destroying the other Corps. Unfortunately, that someone was Thaaros.

Thaaros Schemes in Green Lantern 12
(Image Source: DC / Xermanico)

The Lord-Premiere had equipped those loyal to him with rings capable of taping multiple emotional energies. He also secretly replaced the entire High Council of the United Planets with shapeshifters from his world. With no Corps to oppose him, and the Green Lantern Corps under his thumb, Thaaros would effectively rule most of the galaxy as a shadow tyrant. However, this was not the full extent of Thaaros’ plotting.

Amanda Waller is Working With Thaaros

Green Lantern #12 revealed that Thaaros was also colluding with Amanda Waller. This explained another series’ subplot centering around a United Planets embargo around Earth. Officially, this was because the UP believed Sector 2814 to be too dangerous for safe travel. The truth was that it benefited both Waller and Thaaros to restrict travel on and off Earth.

Amanda Waller and Thaaros in Green Lantern 12
(Image Source: DC / Xermanico)

Thaaros knew that many of Earth’s heroes could be a threat to his plans. Empowering Amanda Waller provided the perfect distraction from what he was doing on a galactic level. Also, in exchange for ignoring Waller’s own mechaniations, Thaaros effectively stopped the immigration of aliens to Earth.

This likewise played into Waller’s xenophobic agenda, making more people on Earth paranoid about the United Planets and aliens in general. It also isolated those aliens already living on Earth, making them into easy scapegoats. The issue ended with Waller launching an assault on Hal Jordan, tying into the upcoming Absolute Power event.

Green Lantern #12 is now available at comic shops everywhere.