Idris Elba on Starring in Thor

You just finished your stint filming Thor as the Asgardian warrior Heimdall. How was that?

It was dope. It was an interesting genre of film to make. I had never done comic book stuff, so that was really great.

What was the coolest part?

Just the bigness of the show. It’s so epic, these huge sets were just amazing to look at. And they really pay attention to detail. When you read the comics, you see all the drawings, and to actually see them in real life, it’s like, “Whoa!”

Do you see yourself doing another superhero character or are you good with the crime dramas?

I have a deal with the Marvel Studios team, a four-picture commitment. I’m sure I’ll be back in something cool.

Thor is coming to 3D and 2D theaters on May 6, 2011.