Sony Planning 3D Spider-Man Home Release

In an article talking about how Sony is working on 3D televisions that don’t require you to wear glasses, The Associated Press mentions that Sony Pictures is planning a 3D home release for director Marc Webb’s Untitled Spider-Man Film:

Sony said it will start selling in Japan next month two films and two music videos in 3-D, and planned home software of 3-D theater releases, including a 3-D "Spider-Man" opening in 2012.

While it is unknown how popular 3D TV sets will be in 2012, one would think that the 3D Blu-ray for James Cameron’s Avatar coming in 2011 and other big titles coming soon will help.

Sony’s new Spidey movie is expected to start shooting in Los Angeles this December. Starring Andrew Garfield, the movie is scheduled for a July 3, 2012 release.