Dominic Cooper to Play Howard Stark in Captain America

Iron Man 2 director Jon Favreau had already mentioned while doing press for the sequel that the Stark elder, played by John Slattery in Favreau’s movie, would play a part in Captain America, but that he’d have to be recast being that it will mainly take place during World War II, thirty years prior to the Stark Expo.

Many sites who ran the story assumed Cooper told Salon about the role off-camera, but without an actual quote of what exactly was said, we didn’t want to jump to conclusions this time that this was a done deal, so we contacted Salon‘s main film guy Andrew O’Hehir to find out a little more about what was said.

According to O’Hehir, there was a small group of journalists talking to Cooper after Salon‘s exclusive video interview where Cooper told them playing Howard Stark in Captain America would definitely be his next role.  When O’Hehir mentioned to the actor there would be a “whole universe of bloggers and comic fans closely scrutinizing everything he does in the movie,” he responded, “There will, won’t there? Thanks a lot for that. Nothing like building confidence.”

And sure enough, that’s already proving to be true!

(Thanks to O’Hehir for getting back to us with more info on this comic-related scoop!)