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Guillermo del Toro Confirms His Scrapped Star Wars Movie Was ‘The Rise and Fall of Jabba the Hutt’

Guillermo del Toro has confirmed the scrapped Star Wars movie he was working on was about the rise and fall of Jabba the Hutt.

Speaking with Collider, del Toro spoke about the canceled Star Wars movie that he previously was working on with writer David Goyer.

“We had the rise and fall of Jabba the Hutt, so I was super happy,” the Pan’s Labyrinth director said. “We were doing a lot of stuff, and then it’s not my property, it’s not my money, and then it’s one of those 30 screenplays that goes away. Sometimes I’m bitter, sometimes I’m not. I always turn to my team and say, ‘Good practice, guys. Good practice. We designed a great world. We designed great stuff. We learned.’”

He continued, “You can never be ungrateful with life. Whatever life sends you, there’s something to be learned from it. So, you know, I trust the universe, I do. When something doesn’t happen, I go, ‘Why?’ I try to have a dialogue with myself. ‘Why didn’t it happen?’ And the more you swim upstream with the universe, the less you’re gonna realize where you’re going.”

Guillermo del Toro has talked about making a Jabba the Hutt movie before

Speaking with Josh Horowitz on the Happy Sad Confused podcast in September 2023, Goyer said he’d written a Star Wars movie approximately four years ago that del Toro was going to direct. Del Toro confirmed the news with a cryptic tweet saying, “True. Can’t say much. Maybe two letters ‘J’ and ‘BB’ is that three letters?”

Fans quickly read into the tweet and comments del Toro made in the past about making a Jabba the Hutt spin-off began to resurface. In 2015, del Toro told Yahoo, “I would do the sort of ‘Godfather’ saga the Jabba the Hutt had to go through to gain control. One, because it’s the character that looks the most like me, and I like him. I love the idea of a Hutt type of mafia, a very complex coup, you know?”