Spawn release year Jason Blum

Spawn: Jamie Foxx-Led Reboot’s Release Year Confirmed by Jason Blum

Jamie Foxx’s Spawn movie is definitely coming in 2025, according to Jason Blum.

Speaking with during a press junket for The Exorcist: Believer, producer Jason Blum confirmed the upcoming Spawn reboot will be released in 2025. “2025 is when Spawn is going to come out,” he said. “I stand by that. I stand by that.”

In June 2023, Blum told the Spawn reboot was in “very very active development.” At the time, he said the movie would likely release in 2025, but noted that was merely his prediction at the time rather than confirmation.

The Spawn reboot was announced back in 2015

Spawn made his live-action debut in a 1997 feature film directed by Mark A.Z. Dippé starring Michael Jai White as the titular character. Creator Todd McFarlane announced a new Spawn movie was in the works back in 2015, with Blum boarding the project in 2017. It was reported that Foxx had signed onto the project in 2018. Jeremy Renner was also reported to be involved in the project, though his involvement with the movie remains unclear at this time.

Blum’s recent comments come roughly a week after McFarlane revealed the script for the reboot was nearly finished when the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike began in May 2023.

“We were in the middle of writing the script and then the writers strike came,” McFarlane told “So that basically came to a screeching halt, if you will. But they were pretty far along in it, so I’m assuming that they’ve given it a lot of thought during the strike. They know what they’re going to write, the last 30 pages, which is all they need to finish. And so as soon as the strike’s over, I’m assuming they’re going to quickly finish that up. We will do some rewrites. We’ll go into Hollywood. We’ll find a buyer, maybe we’ll find a couple of buyers, get into a bidding war. And then we’ll come back out and make the announcement that says, ‘We’ve got the funding, the studio, and the production date all lined up. It’s go time.”