New Evil Dead Rise Clip Shows a Mother Possessed

The latest installment of the Evil Dead saga is definitely a family affair, but unless the Necronomicon is destroyed once and for all, there won’t be much of a family left. Fandango has premiered a new Evil Dead Rise clip featuring Alyssa Sutherland’s Ellie, not long after she succumbs to the book’s curse and transforms into a murderous Deadite. You can check out the scene via via Twitter below.

The clip shows Ellie’s sister, Beth (Lily Sullivan) finding her sibling in the kitchen, where she’s cooking up a not-so-nutritious breakfast by smashing multiple eggs into a frying pan, shells and all. And if that’s not enough to make Beth and Ellie’s three children realize that something’s amiss, the message becomes instantly clear when Ellie tells them about her dream of a perfect family get-together. However, it’s a bit more violent than your average hike through the woods, and her slurred speech makes it all the more unsettling.

By this point, the family seems to have figured out what the Necronomicon’s deal is, because there’s still enough of Ellie left inside for her to poke through her new Deadite exterior and beg Beth to keep her children safe. The scene indicates that Ellie’s change might not be permanent. But since Bruce Campbell’s Ash Williams and Jane Levy’s Mia Allen are two of the few characters in the history of the Evil Dead franchise to be “cured” of the Book of the Dead’s influence, the odds aren’t exactly stacked in her favor.    

Evil Dead Rise will hit theaters on April 21.

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