Avatar: The Way of Water Comes Home Only on Digital Mar 28

For anyone who’s been holding out to see Avatar: The Way of Water at home and not in 3D, good news. It’s hitting digital before the end of March. And thus far, it will only be digital — there’s no Blu-ray or streaming date to announce at this time. The digital version, however, will come with over three hours of extras. The press release doesn’t mention a price, but expect your favorite digital movie retailers to mention it shortly.

James Cameron can be a notorious perfectionist about home versions, so much so that The Abyss never even came to Blu-ray because he never found the time yet to personally supervise it. Fans should thus feel good knowing that Avatar: The Way of Water will come in 4K and Dolby Atmos for those whose devices have that capability. The original Avatar, remastered in 4K for theatrical rerelease, should follow soon thereafter. As should a Disney Plus date, but it’s possible that the Avatar sequel took so long in development that Fox distribution deals precede the Disney purchase of the studio.

The three hours of extras include featurettes on casting, stunts, the Lightstorm lab, and the acting troupe. Additional bonuses include Building the World of Pandora, Capturing Pandora, The Undersea World of Pandora, The Challenges of Pandora’s Waters, Pandora’s Returning Characters, Pandora’s Next Generation, Becoming Na’vi, The Reef People of Pandora, Bringing Pandora to Life, The RDA Returns to Pandora, The New Characters of Pandora, The Sounds of Pandora, and New Zealand – Pandora’s Home. On top of all that, both theatrical trailers and a music video by The Weeknd come in the full package.

Presumably these extras will come on an inevitable 4K Blu-ray at a later date. 4K discs can hold more data than streaming, so purists may wish to hold out. In the meantime, here’s a new trailer cut for the digital edition:

Will you purchase Avatar: The Way of Water on digital, or wait until a future disc or streaming version? Let us know in comments!

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