Hugh Jackman Says Playing Wolverine Damaged His Voice

A few months ago, Hugh Jackman teased that Wolverine would be much grumpier when he returns to theaters in Deadpool 3 next year. But he might end up being quieter too. During an appearance on the BBC’s Front Row radio program (via Variety), Jackman shared that performing the character’s trademark berserker rage caused irrevocable damage to his vocal cords over the years. 

Jackman has been candid about all of the injuries he sustained while shooting 20th Century Fox’s X-Men films throughout the last two decades. Whether pulling his groin on the set of the original movie in 2000 or almost breaking his neck during the bullet train sequence in The Wolverine, he always pushed himself to his physical limits and (thankfully) managed to recover. But Wolverine’s various growls and roars are an occupational hazard all their own, especially when Jackman’s Broadway career is taken into account.  

“I’ve done some damage to my voice with Wolverine,” said Jackman. “My falsetto is not as strong as it used to be and that I directly put down to some of the growling and yelling. My vocal teacher in drama school would’ve been horrified with some of the things I did [as Wolverine].”

“We learned a technique [in school] of how to shout and how to yell without ruining your voice,” added Jackman. “However, during Wolverine, I did some screaming and yelling and things that I think did damage to my voice. I’m working on it. I work with a singing teacher and I try not to hurt myself. I put a lot of effort into both physical movement and my vocal preparation for every role.”

In the meantime, Jackman continues to bulk up for Deadpool 3, which will pair him with Ryan Reynolds. It also marks Jackman’s first time playing Wolverine since his apparent retirement from the role after Logan in 2017. The long-awaited Deadpool sequel hits the big screen on November 8, 2024.

Would you be able to settle for a quieter Wolverine in Deadpool 3? Let us know in the comment section below!

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