Sony’s New 65 Trailer Features More Prehistoric Action

Shazam! Fury of the Gods isn’t the only big blockbuster coming out on March 17 that got a new trailer today. Sony’s 65, which stars Adam Driver, Ariana Greenblatt, and a handful of CGI dinosaurs was originally slated to open one week earlier on March 10 before shifting its release date last month and pitting it against DC’s highly-anticipated sequel. The box office competition between the two films is bound to get fierce as the spring movie season gets underway. But until then, fans can watch the latest preview for 65 below and decide which one they would rather see on opening day.

The new trailer for 65 is nearly a full minute shorter than the one Sony previously released back in December. Regardless, it still includes a lot of new footage. Driver headlines the film as Mills, an astronaut tasked with piloting a ship containing 35 passengers on an exploratory space mission. Tragedy strikes when the ship crash-lands on an unknown planet, leaving him stranded with only one other survivor, Koa (Greenblatt). But once they come face-to-face with a horde of prehistoric creatures, they learn that they’ve somehow ended up on Earth…65 million years ago.

Armed mainly with a futuristic-looking plasma rifle, Mills and Koa make their way across the planet’s treacherous landscape in order to reach one of their ship’s escape vessels. Naturally, this is easier said than done, since everything else that moves is trying to kill them every step of the way. But the resulting action should make for a decent time at the multiplex later this year.

65 comes from writers/directors Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, who are perhaps best known for co-writing A Quiet Place with John Krasinski. Fortunately, it looks like the duo are taking their knack for wilderness horror and blowing it up on a much larger scale. The supporting cast includes Chloe Coleman and Nika King. Sam Raimi is also onboard as one of the film’s producers.

What do you think of the film’s new trailer? Give us your impressions in the comment section below!

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