Jonathan Majors Talks Even More Kang Inspirations

He’s going to be very busy as the main villain of Marvel’s Multiverse saga, starting with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. For now, though, Jonathan Majors has many other projects to plug, including the Sundance-debuting Magazine Dreams. And every time he talks to the press, fans want to know more about Kang. Majors previously discussed finding Kang inspirations in prior Marvel movie supervillains, but recently at Sundance, he had a chance to go further into what makes a bad guy into a conqueror (via Deadline).

“Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar. Start there,” Majors said. “Counterpoints, which is also important in creating character, is to figure out how does he encounter people. You’re smart, watch out how smart I am. You can look at Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man, that’s the superhero of superheroes, etc. In order to be the super villains of super villains, how do I counter-act that in the zeitgeist?”

Watch his full answer in the video below:

Since Majors likely won’t be facing Downey any time soon — though with variants, anything is possible — we take this to mean he’ll have to counter the energy that Paul Rudd puts out there. Which will be interesting. But if he can capture some of that eternal youth, it will serve him well over long story arcs.

How do you think majors will fare as Kang? Let us know below in comments!

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