Evil Dead Rise Director Explains Film’s Use of the Necronomicon

It wouldn’t be an Evil Dead film without the signature Necronomicon, better known as The Book of the Dead. The famous tome is on display in the latest trailer for the fifth film in the franchise, Evil Dead Rise. With the Necronomicon in sight, the Deadites soon follow as they wreak havoc on a Los Angeles family. But this version of the Necronomicon, which features creepy illustrations and veins on its exterior, bears a special connection to the previous films.

In an interview with Empire, director Lee Cronin mentioned how his take on the book first appeared in 1992’s Army of Darkness. He also explained why he specifically wanted this version of the Necronomicon for his own Evil Dead movie.

“In one of the early meetings I had with Sam Raimi, I said, ‘You know the way in Army Of Darkness, there’s three [Necronomicons]? You had one, Fede [Álvarez] had one, I’m going to take the other one,'” said Cronin. “It gave me that platform to nudge things forward, and also to showcase that we live in a world where there is more than one copy of the Necronomicon. Those books may all have slightly different personalities – it’s not exactly the same book, necessarily, that Ash had in the cabin. But it’s very, very firmly related. It could even be more dangerous…”

Some fans are still getting used to the idea of Evil Dead Rise not featuring Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams, the legendary protagonist from Raimi’s original Evil Dead trilogy, Regardless, Campbell is still onboard as an executive producer. And Cronin made a point to include one of Ash’s signature weapons in the battle against the Deadites.

“Someone has to pick up that chainsaw and take the pressure of being a hero on their shoulders,” added Cronin. “It was always going to be the case. There was no way I was going to make this movie and not include those major pillars that make Evil Dead what it is. So yeah, there’s a chainsaw and it’s put to pretty ferocious use.”

Evil Dead Rise will premiere in theaters on April 21.

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