Army of Darkness 30th anniversary sequel comic cover
(Image Source: Dynamite Entertainment)

Army of Darkness Forever Trailer Previews Comic Sequel

A new trailer for the Army of Darkness comic book sequel offers an extended look at the world of the film’s original ending. The Army of Darkness Forever trailer also hints at the multiple timelines the comic series will explore.

The original Army of Darkness is one of the great classic horror comedies and a masterpiece of director Sam Raimi, yet some Evil Dead devotees are unaware that the theatrical release offers a more upbeat ending than Raimi intended. The original ending, where Ash Williams awoke in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, has never been addressed — until now.

Writer Tony Fleecs describes the original ending as “one of the great, all-time alternate takes” and the chief inspiration for Army of Darkness Forever. “I remember the first time I saw it on DVD, my mind just exploding at the possibilities. Ash vs. the post-apocalypse?!” The course was set after Fleecs confirmed that nobody had ever written a story based on the alternate ending.

The new series will be spread across three time periods, including the apocalyptic future of 2093. Ash Williams will also be shown fighting Deadites in 1993 at S-Mart as in the theatrical release ending. He will also be shown fighting the undead with his lover, Sheila, in medieval times as in the movie. How it is possible for Ash to exist in multiple time conflicting timelines will be explained as the series progresses.

It should be noted that Army of Darkness Forever was crafted as a tribute to the legacies of both Evil Dead and Dynamite Entertainment. When Dynamite first began publishing comics in 2004, their first offering was an Army of Darkness series. The sequel’s release also celebrates the 30th anniversary of the original film’s theatrical release.

Army of Darkness Forever #1 releases on October 11, 2023 from Dynamite Entertainment.