Veronica Ferres Joins the Cast of Millennium’s Red Sonja Reboot

In Marvel’s classic Red Sonja tales, the title character’s mother only appeared in her tragic origin story. But based on the latest casting development, it sounds like the filmmakers behind Millennium Films’ upcoming reboot are making some big changes to the source material. The Hollywood Reporter brings word that German actress Veronica Ferres has joined the new film’s cast as Sonja’s mom.

The report also claims that Ferres will play the Goddess Ashera in the reboot. In the comics, Sonja’s entire family was slaughtered before her eyes by a group of violent mercenaries. They left Sonja on the brink of death as well. But after receiving a vision from the red goddess Scáthach, she obtained the skills to avenge her loved ones. So unless Sonja’s mother is Ashera in this incarnation, it seems likely that Ferres is playing dual roles. Perhaps the goddess is appearing to Sonja as her mother.

Ferres isn’t especially well-known outside of her native Germany. Regardless, she has appeared in several noteworthy German film and TV productions. She rose to prominence throughout the ‘90s with performances in The Superwife, Schtonk!, and Rossini. However, she eventually began appearing in a few English-language productions as well. Some of Ferres’ international credits include The Comedian, Salt and Fire, and Best Sellers.

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Matilda Lutz is headlining the reboot as Red Sonja, replacing Hannah John-Kamen, who dropped out of the project earlier this year. The movie began production in August with M.J. Bassett sitting in the director’s chair. And last month, Millennium released the first official photo of Lutz in costume. Joey Soloway (who was previously in line to direct the film) co-wrote the screenplay with Tasha Huo.

Other Red Sonja cast members include Wallis Day, Robert Sheehan, Michael Bisping, Martyn Ford, Eliza Matengu, Manal El-Feitury, Katrina Durden, and Rhona Mitra. Millennium hasn’t announced a release date for the film.

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