Matilda Lutz as Red Sonja

Red Sonja 50th Anniversary Panel, Reboot Movie Trailer Set for SDCC

The She-Devil With a Sword, Red Sonja, will have a significant presence at San Diego Comic-Con 2023.

Per The Beat, Dynamite Entertainment has announced an SDCC panel celebrating 50 years of Red Sonja comics. Those in attendance will also be among the first to see the official teaser trailer for Millennium Media‘s upcoming Red Sonja reboot film, which stars Matilda Lutz in the title role.

The Red Sonja 50th anniversary panel will take place on Friday, July 21 at 11:30 a.m. in Room 5-AB of the San Diego Convention Center. Red Sonja LLC president and executive editor Luke Lieberman — who serves as a producer on the upcoming film — will be the moderator. Panelists include Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, Amy Chu, Dan Panosian, and Mark Canton.

What to expect from the Red Sonja panel at SDCC

Read Dynamite’s official description for the Red Sonja panel below:

The beloved She-Devil With a Sword’s story began in comics in 1973, and now 50 years later she remains the greatest sword-and-sorcery female heroine of them all! She’s hacked and slashed her way into the hearts of fantasy and comics fans all around the world. An incredible range of writers and artists have taken on her stories in her native comics medium, including the likes of Roy Thomas, Frank Thorne, Gail Simone, Mirka Andolfo, Mike Carey, Michael Avon Oeming, Jim Zub, Louise Simonson, Mark Russell, Alex Ross, Mel Rubi, and countless more.
With the first issue launching right in sync with San Diego Comic Con, fans will get to dive right into her latest epic series celebrating the anniversary by Torunn Grønbekk (Thor, Realm of X) and fan-favorite franchise artist Walter Geovani. How this series came together and teases for what comes next will be discussed on the panel. As well as a surprise additional comic series by a top creator!
Attendees of the panel will be the first to see a teaser trailer of the upcoming highly anticipated Millennium Media (Expend4bles) film starring Matilda Lutz (Revenge, Rings, Medici) as the fearsome warrior, Wallis Day (Sex/Life, Batwoman) as Annisia, and Robert Sheehan (The Umbrella Academy, Misfits) as Draygan with M.J. Bassett (Solomon Kane) directing and a script written by Tasha Huo (Netflix’s Tomb Raider).
The audience will also get the opportunity to watch a fun tribute video from some of the biggest creators associated with the character.
Key details from the panel will be shared widely with fans following the event.

Who is the She-Devil With a Sword?

Based on the Robert E. Howard character Red Sonya of Rogatino, Red Sonja was created by Roy Thomas Barry Windsor-Smith. She first appeared in Conan the Barbarian #23, which Marvel Comics published in November 1972 (with a cover date of February 1973). Marvel continued to publish stories featuring Red Sonja through 1986, later reviving the character for a one-off in 1995. Dynamite began publishing Red Sonja comics in 2005.

The aforementioned Lutz will be the third actor to portray the She-Devil With a Sword in live-action. Brigitte Nielsen played the character in the 1985 MGM film Red Sonja. Nielsen starred opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger, who played Lord Kalidor, a stand-in for Conan. (Schwarzenegger had previously played Conan in 1982’s Conan the Barbarian and 1984’s Conan the Destroyer.) Angelica Bridges later played Red Sonja in the character’s eponymous episode of the television series Conan the Adventurer in 1998. A Red Sonja reboot film has been in the works for a number of years. Production finally kicked off under Millennium last August.