Black Adam’s Pierce Brosnan Shares His Insight on Doctor Fate

The hierarchy of power in the DC Universe is about to change with the arrival of Black Adam. Dwayne Johnson is set to make his highly-anticipated debut as the mystically empowered antihero from Kahndaq. After 5,000 years of imprisonment, Black Adam is released into society and comes face to face with the Justice Society of America (JSA). One of the veteran members of the JSA, Doctor Fate, questions Black Adam’s morals to determine if the antihero can be a potential ally. Pierce Brosnan, who plays Doctor Fate, shared details on what to expect out of his character in an interview with Screenrant.

“He’s at a great flux in his life. He’s at a turbulent point in his life,” said Brosnan. “He comes onto the stage holding great secrets of what is about to unfold and he comes at the behest of his dear friend Carter Hawkman [sic]. And they have traveled down through the eons and created such a life force for themselves, but this is a moment in time that is critical, crucial and heart-yearning.”

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Brosnan’s remarks about secrets are notable due to Doctor Fate’s powers. Thanks to the mystical Helmet of Fate, Doctor Fate can foresee the events of the future. Possessing this knowledge may influence how Doctor Fate wants to handle the treatment of Black Adam. These secrets could also affect his close friendship with Hawkman (Aldis Hodge) and potentially strain their partnership in the JSA.

We’ll soon know the answer to Doctor Fate’s secrets when Black Adam arrives in theaters on October 21.

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