Producer Jon Landau Shares an Update on Avatar 4

Avatar: The Way of Water doesn’t hit theaters for another two months. Regardless, James Cameron and his collaborators are still looking ahead to the franchise’s future. 20th Century Studios intends to release a new Avatar movie every two years until the fifth film in the series bows on December 22, 2028. Principal photography on Avatar 3 wrapped in 2020, giving the filmmakers ample time to complete the sequel’s lengthy post-production process. But thanks to producer Jon Landau, we now have a better idea of how Avatar 4 is presently coming along.

Landau (via Variety) discussed what’s next for Pandora during an appearance at the Busan International Film Festival. When asked about Avatar 4, he revealed just how much of the upcoming film has already been shot.

“We’ve completed most of the first act of Avatar 4 and there were logistical reasons why we needed to do that,” said Landau. “We’ve designed most of the whole movie for Avatar 4 but we haven’t actually filmed all of it – just the first act.”

After screening 15 minutes from The Way of Water, Landau also hyped the sequel’s use of groundbreaking visual effects technology. Cameron later showed up via video link to elaborate on the film’s ecological themes and and high-frame rate projection. But the conversation ultimately steered toward how subsequent installments will be different from previous entries.

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“With each sequel, we’re going to introduce audiences to new cultures and new biomes,” added Landau. “We don’t leave behind the cultures that we’ve met.”

Cameron previously confirmed that Avatar 4 and 5 wouldn’t start shooting until The Way of Water and the as-yet-untitled Avatar 3 finish post-production. As recently as July, he suggested that he might not direct the last two sequels himself. But by the time D23 got underway last month, Cameron announced the official start of production on Avatar 4, indicating that he was coming back after all. And if Avatar 3 really is finished, this hopefully rules out any more delays between films.

Avatar: The Way of Water will hit theaters on December 16. It will be followed by Avatar 3 on December 20, 2024 and Avatar 4 on December 18, 2026.

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