Logan Director James Mangold Endorses Hugh Jackman’s Return In Deadpool 3

Director James Mangold Endorses Hugh Jackman’s Return In Deadpool 3

The final Wolverine movie, Logan, is so highly regarded among superhero movie fans that Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds made a point of saying that Deadpool 3 won’t change that film’s ending during their latest video together. Director James Mangold helmed both Logan and The Wolverine, and he has a long history with Jackman. Mangold directed Jackman in Kate & Leopold in 2001, and he also produced Jackman’s hit musical, The Greatest Showman. So it was somewhat surprising when Mangold’s first response to the news was posting a gif of Jackman’s character being fatally wounded in Logan.

After getting more than a few angry responses on Twitter, Mangold posted again to clarify that he endorses Jackman’s decision to return to his signature character. He even offered encouraging words for the upcoming Wolverine and Deadpool adventure.

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After starring in Logan, Jackman and Patrick Stewart both announced their intentions to retire from their respective roles after 17 years. Their appearances in 2000’s X-Men as Wolverine and Professor X, respectively, helped kick off the modern era of comic book movies. However, Stewart already made his MCU debut in a cameo in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. So far, it appears that Jackman will have more of a co-starring role in Deadpool 3.

Mangold is currently overseeing post-production of the fifth Indiana Jones movie. That film will mark Harrison Ford’s final adventure as Indy, unless he decides to come back for Deadpool 4.

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