Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds Address Deadpool 3 Timeline Issues

Following yesterday’s announcement by Ryan Reynolds that Hugh Jackman‘s Wolverine would return, some writers asked questions. Though more of them seemed like industry folk than actual grassroots fans, the gist involved the Deadpool 3 timeline. Does a comeback undo the poignancy of Logan, in which the character died? Comics fans are used to nobody being truly dead, and Marvel movie fans know Logan is not actually set in the MCU, but the Fox X-Men timeline’s future. A different future from the one in Days of Future Past, at that. Not to mention that the Deadpool movies, in which Hugh Jackman exists as an actor, play fast and loose with continuity anyhow.

Nonetheless, Reynolds and Jackman today released a second video to address the timeline issues. Apparently Deadpool 3 will not change the outcome of Logan, because…well, watch for yourself and see.

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Now, how good are you at lip-reading? Because YouTube’s closed-captions offer no help whatsoever. Clearly they imply that Wolverine will stab Deadpool through the head at some point. After the battle with Wade-in-name-only from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the two seem overdue a proper rematch, anyway.

It looks like we can expect plenty of social media shenanigans from the stars in the lead up to the movie. And what’s the deal with numbering? Deadpool 2 didn’t use Roman numerals, but yesterday’s Deadpool 3 logo did, mainly because “III” looks like Wolverine claws.

Do you think Hugh Jackman’s return as Wolverine detracts from the character’s death in Logan? Let us know in comments.

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