Producer Updates the Status of Further Avatar Sequels

Shooting multiple sequels at the same time can amount to quite the risk, critically and commercially. Pirates of the Caribbean managed it and kept going; The Matrix, less so. Avatar, one of the most successful films of all time might sound like the safest bet of all on paper. Nonetheless, proposing four sequels at once seems like a gamble. Previously, we’d heard that the first two Avatar sequels were guaranteed, with parts four and five only coming if those succeeded. Catching up with producer Jon Landau at D23 Expo, however, Variety learned the optimism bug may have bitten again. Not only are the second and third film wrapped, but some of part four has already filmed. And the script for part five is done.

Check out the interview video here:

Landau also seems to imply that more than four could happen, since Pandora as a planet is as vast and diverse as Earth. Somehow, though, we don’t expect to see Na’vi romantic comedies, or kitchen-sink workplace dramas. Just spitballing here, but the safe bet is on them all being ecologically minded space fantasies.

Disney screened some footage for attendees in 3D, none of which has made it online. (Slashfilm has a decent description of the scenes.) They also revealed new Avatar: The Way of Water concept art on a souvenir poster for attendees. Check it out below:

The original Avatar returns to theaters Sept 23, with the sequel showing up Dec 16. Will you be there? Let us know in comments.

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