Spider-Man: No Way Home Re-release Poster Has Nearly Everyone’s Head

With great re-releases come, uh, greatly crowded posters. The new “extra fun stuff” version of Spider-Man: No Way Home is on the way, taking advantage of a relative gap in major movie re-releases on the schedule. And now that it doesn’t have to worry about spoilers, the No Way Home re-release poster has adopted a standard Marvel Studios tactic of Photoshopping everyone’s heads together in different sizes. Almost.

We do have to wonder if Alfred Molina’s agent was on the ball here. His Doc Ock is the only major player whose face goes unseen. Sure, he’s represented by tentacles, but when even Betty and Flash get their faces in the collage, why not the good (and sometimes evil) Doctor too? Unlike some of the other villains, he never wears a mask or sports a CG special-effects face.

Take a look at the sea of heads below, including the now-prominent alternate Peters Parker: Tobey “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man” Maguire and Andrew “Amazing Spider-Man” Garfield.

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The re-release includes 11 extra minutes of footage supposedly not seen on the Blu-ray release, which feels like a cheat for home purchasers. But it might just provide an alternative to Top Gun: Maverick for audiences looking to re-experience big action heroics. It hits theaters Sept 2.

Will you pay again to see new footage in theaters? What if Morbius is in it this time? Let us know your thoughts in comments.

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