Rob Zombie Confirms The Munsters is Going Straight To Netflix

Last week, Rob Zombie finally shared a full-length trailer for his take on The Munsters. The first trailer revealed that it takes place before the events of the original TV series, and it also attempts to capture the zany, madcap spirit that turned its characters into household names almost 60 years ago. However, there were two key absences (aside from Eddie and Marilyn). The trailer neglected to announce an official release date or whether the film is going directly to streaming as previously rumored. But thanks to Zombie himself, one of those questions has just been answered. The director took to Instagram to confirm that The Munsters will have its world premiere on Netflix later this year.

Zombie paired the announcement with a plug for another upcoming Netflix reboot, Wednesday, which stars Jenna Ortega as the Addams Family daughter. He also noted that this isn’t the first time that the two franchises have competed for ratings. The original Munsters run famously overlapped with that of the first live-action Addams Family series, which likewise aired from 1964 to 1966. But while those shows aired on different networks (The Munsters on CBS, The Addams Family on ABC), this time, the characters will live under the same roof, so to speak.

You can read what else Zombie had to say below.

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News that The Munsters is heading to Netflix is rather surprising. The film hails from Universal’s 1440 Entertainment banner, which typically handles the studio’s home media releases. This led many of us to believe that the movie would eventually stream on Peacock. Regardless, Bloody Disgusting reported back in May of this year that Netflix had bought the rights to the film, although Zombie didn’t address those rumors until today.

The Munsters will debut on Netflix sometime in September.

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