Rob Zombie’s The Munsters Trailer Reveals It Is an Origin Story

Fans suspected as much with no casting announcements for the kids, but now it’s confirmed. Rob Zombie’s The Munsters movie will focus on the initial romance between Herman and Lily. This Herman seems much more nervous and dorky than the confident, married version played by Fred Gwynne. And he’s a lot less welcomed by the in-laws, who seem like they want to get rid of him. With a throwback Universal logo and garish color scheme, Zombie’s directing it like a throwback artifact. As if all those vintage Halloween masks he had as a child came to life.

Take a look at the trailer debut via his Instagram:

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Zombie’s too much of a music lover to mess with the classic theme, which gets new life here. And of course, the trailer plays up the irony of a director known for R-rated grindhouse fare making a family friendly love story between monstrous mates. The Munsters sees release this fall by Universal 1440 Entertainment, a production arm of Universal Filmed Entertainment Group that develops and produces films for worldwide distribution across all non-theatrical platforms.

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