Owen Wilson Powers Up in Paramount+’s Secret Headquarters Trailer

After tangling with gods and variants in Marvel’s Loki series last year, Owen Wilson is about to try his hand at playing an actual superhero. Paramount+ has dropped the first trailer for its latest original film, Secret Headquarters, which stars Wilson as an ostensibly boring single dad who moonlights as a costumed crimefighter.

Walker Scobell (the star of Disney+’s upcoming Percy Jackson series) co-stars in the movie as Wilson’s son, Charlie Kincaid. Charlie is regularly disappointed by his dad’s frequent (and often abrupt) business trips. But while throwing a party one night, Charlie and his friends learn the real reason behind his absences. When they find a basement lair filled with an arsenal of high-tech gadgets, the kids discover that Charlie’s dad is the world’s most famous superhero. Unfortunately, their meddling also alerts two villains (Jesse Williams and Michael Peña) who want to steal this tech for themselves.

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It’s always wise to reserve judgment about a film until it actually gets released. But based on the trailer alone, it doesn’t look like Secret Headquarters offers much in the way of a unique take on the superhero genre. For one thing, Wilson wears an armored suit that could just as easily be one of Tony Stark’s Iron Man designs. We even get a heads-up display view of Wilson’s face inside the helmet à la Robert Downey Jr.’s Marvel movie appearances. But don’t worry—the filmmakers crib from the DC Universe, too. Apparently, an “alien power source” chose Wilson’s character to be Earth’s guardian, just like Green Lantern.

Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman (Netflix’s Power) directed Secret Headquarters from a screenplay they co-wrote with Christopher Yost (Thor: Ragnarok) and Josh Koenigsberg (Hulu’s High Fidelity). Other cast members include Keith L. Williams, Momona Tamada, Abby James Witherspoon, and Kezii Curtis.

Secret Headquarters will debut on Paramount+ on August 12.

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