Morbius Returns To Over 1,000 Movie Theaters This Weekend

With a paltry worldwide gross of just $163.3 million, it’s very unlikely that Sony will greenlight a Morbius sequel anytime soon. But that isn’t keeping the studio from trying to squeeze a few extra bucks out of Jared Leto’s living vampire. Via Collider, Sony is bringing the film back to 1,000 theaters this weekend for another attempt at a Morbius sweep.

Needless to say, this is a weird time for Morbius to mount a big-screen comeback. After all, the film was released on digital more than two weeks ago and it will be released on Blu-ray on June 14. But given Sony’s unwavering commitment to its own MCU-adjacent Marvel universe, it’s understandable that it would resort to extreme measures to maximize its profits.

If nothing else, the film’s overwhelmingly negative critical reception inspired a wave of memes, including the now-infamous “It’s Morbin’ time!” catchphrase. But now, it looks like Sony is embracing this meme in an effort to fill theater seats, as evidenced by one of the latest tweets from the official Morbius Twitter account.

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Although it opened at the number one spot in its first weekend, Morbius suffered one of the steepest declines in the history of superhero movies in week 2, dropping by 74%. By week 6, it was out of the top 10 for good. Right now, the film’s domestic total sits at $73.3 million, which is less that half of what Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness made during its own opening weekend last month.

Regardless of the film’s lackluster performance, Sony still has enough trust in screenwriters Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama to let them tackle their upcoming Madame Web film directed by S.J. Clarkson and starring Dakota Johnson as the title character. The studio’s upcoming Marvel slate also includes a third Venom film with Tom Hardy, Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s starring turn as Kraven the Hunter, and an El Muerto vehicle with Bad Bunny as the lead.

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