First 10 Minutes of Spider-Man: No Way Home Online to View Now

Let’s face it. If you’re reading this, it’s very likely you’ve already seen Spider-Man: No Way Home, since its record-setting box office suggests that everyone interested saw it at least once in theaters. But maybe a friend or relative is on the fence about seeing it. Or you just want to see your favorite parts again. Get hooked, in advance of tomorrow’s full digital release, with the first ten minutes of the movie. Thanks to IGN, everyone can now watch the beginning of Spider-Man: No Way Home online for free.

To those who have seen it but didn’t time it, those ten minutes take the story from the initial realization of Peter Parker’s blown secret identity predicament to the surprise cameo of a really good lawyer. It’s no coincidence that tomorrow also sees the debut of that lawyer and his friends on a certain streaming service.

Want to watch again? Here it is:

As with the early digital release, Sony probably did this because of full HD copies dropping illegally online. Still, most fans preordered their copy already anyway, and will be happy to get it sooner than expected. Note for anyone who may still wonder: the biggest reveals that stayed sort-of secret for the initial marketing cycle all come much later in the movie, except for that lawyer.

Will you be ordering No Way Home on digital tomorrow, or waiting for the Blu-ray and 4K in a month? Let us know in comments.

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