The Debut Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins Trailer Goes Under the Mask

What always made Snake Eyes cool, first as an action figure and then as a comics character, was his mystery. Amid green-clad soldiers, he wore a mask and dressed all in black. An ’80s kid not knowing the property, and familiar with Darth Vader, might assume that toy represented the lead villain. In the tie-in cartoon and comics, he never spoke, and rarely removed the mask. But a constantly masked and mute lead character doesn’t cut it in Hollywood. So in the first Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins trailer, we see the man before the mask. And hear him, too. Plus in casting Henry Golding, the movie avoids the Iron Fist trope of having Snake Eyes be a non-Asian man using Asian martial arts better than anyone else. (Ray Park portrayed the character in the two previous G.I. Joe movies.)

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We also get looks at more toy-accurate renditions of nemesis Tommy, a.k.a. Storm Shadow (Andrew Koji), key ally Scarlett (Samara Weaving) and the devious Baroness (Ursula Corbero). Longtime G.I. Joe fans in particular found the previous movie Baroness characterization unsatisfactory, positing her as the victim of mind control. This one looks like the proper villainess fans deserve.

Watch the trailer in the player below:

Paramount also uploaded a new featurette you can watch below. What do you think of this new cinematic take on G.I. Joe? Let us know in comments.

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