Watch Zack Snyder Dissect the Latest Army of the Dead Trailer

It’s been a few weeks since Netflix dropped the last trailer for Zack Sndyer’s Army of the Dead. Now, Netflix has released a new featurette that shows Snyder breaking down the trailer’s most exciting moments.

In the video, Snyder shares several behind-the-scenes anecdotes about Army of the Dead’s production, including a blunt remark about Dave Bautista’s below-average burger-flipping skills. But more importantly, he reveals how a number of key shots were achieved while filming took place in Albuquerque and Atlantic City (among other locations). Some of the scenes mentioned include the wall of crates surrounding the city of Las Vegas and the indoor swimming pool that serves as the zombies’ base of operations.

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Eventually, Snyder gets around to discussing the trailer’s most standout moment: the zombified white tiger, nicknamed Valentine. As Snyder tells it, the original plan was to have an entire zoo “overrun” by different species of undead animals. But in the end, they settled on having just the one tiger (which makes sense, given the film’s Vegas setting).

It’s also worth noting that Snyder’s visual effects team modeled the creature after tigers owned by Carole Baskin, of Tiger King fame.

Army of the Dead hits Netflix on May 21.

You can watch Snyder dissect the movie’s trailer below, then share your thoughts in the comment section!

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