Roland Emmerich Says His Moonfall Won’t Go Directly to Streaming

Director Roland Emmerich is focusing on his next apocalyptic sci-fi movie. The mind behind Stargate, as well as Independence Day and Independence Day: Resurgencehopes to impress the fans with Moonfall, a story about a space crew that travels to the Moon after an asteroid hits the Earth’s satellite sends it on a collision course with our beloved planet. Fans might hope to see the movie, starring Halle Berry, on big screens. And Emmerich himself has now stated that his film wouldn’t hit the VOD earlier than expected.

“I’m not against streamers,” he said while talking with Deadline. “People have very good TVs these days. But my movies are meant for the big screen. Independent movies are often financed by independent distributors. Even if someone wanted to, we couldn’t end up on a streamer. Personally, I was looking forward to seeing a movie like Dune on the big screen. That experience is hopefully something that will survive. It should survive. Going to the movie theater is a unique experience, you feel part of something.”

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The director then added that Moonfall is just the first chapter of a more extended saga. He didn’t go into details, but he teased that fans can expect more. Of course, longtime fans will remember that he also said Stargate was just the beginning of a saga. Ultimately, that never happened except on television.

“Don’t forget that Moonfall is written as the beginning of a saga,” added his producer Harald Kloser. “It opens the door onto an epic adventure…Anyway, we hope that by talking about the process, it helps encourage others. If you take it one bite at a time and are not overwhelmed by the mountain of problems, making a movie even in this context can be achieved. By not giving up and taking it one step at a time you can get it done. Moonfall was proof of that.”

According to the director, Moonfall will hit theaters on Oct. 22.

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