Mark Hamill and Peyton Reed Thank Each Other for The Mandalorian

Having already thanked The Mandalorian producers Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau for giving Luke Skywalker a comeback moment, Mark Hamill still had plenty of gratitude to go around. Peyton Reed, who directed the actual episode in which Luke returns to save baby Grogu, kicked things off yesterday. Noting that he used to have a Luke Skywalker photo on his wall, he thanked Hamill for the honor of directing him in that role. Ever the gentleman, Hamill returned the gratitude.

No doubt some fans will read into Hamill’s Tweet. The “when he was still a symbol of hope & optimism” seems like some subtle pushback against the sequel trilogy’s portrayal of Luke as bitter and pessimistic. And the episode itself has reignited fan debates about whether this Luke is better than sequel Luke, or The Mandalorian better than the new Star Wars movies. That’s hardly likely to die down any time soon.

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Whatever the case, most fans can agree that Hamill is a welcome presence in the Star Wars universe regardless of how it comes about. And as much as we might thank the creatives for bringing him back, he thanks them just as much.

Do you want to see more of digital de-aged Luke in The Mandalorian, or other Disney+ shows? Let us know in comments.

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