The New Mutants Blu-ray Date Set, Featurette Released

In its way, The New Mutants made history after becoming the first — and so far, only — comic book related movie to hit the theaters worldwide after the COVID-19 outbreak. Now, the film is finally hitting digital, 4K and Blu-ray in November. And it seems that there are some juicy special features for the fans. One of them is an interview with comic book artist Bill Sienkiewicz, posted online today by IGN. In the video, Sienkiewicz reflects on his work on The New Mutants and how it helped shape the movie’s look and tone.

“The first thing I needed to do was sort of make the characters my own,” he said. “I made them much more unique in terms of size. I tried to think of silhouettes like Sam was tall, you know, Cannonball. Illyana to me was sort of the cutest, most adorable little blonde but who was an absolute nightmare, like a demon from Hell you did not want to mess with.”

Sienkiewicz’s art part played a pivotal role in the success of The New Mutants comics. He debuted with issue #18 of the X-Men spin-off, which started The Demon Bear Saga storyline. The three-issue 1984 story arguably marked the moment when the series moved out of the shadow of its parent title and into more mature storytelling.

You can check out The New Mutants 4K UHD cover art here below.

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The New Mutants comes home to consumers Nov. 17.

Have you already seen The New Mutants? What do you think of the featurette? Let us know in the comments section below!

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