Director Explains Where The New Mutants Sits in the Mutant Universe

At least, the long-gestated The New Mutants has finally soared into theaters. The movie had a lukewarm reception from the majority of the not so many critics who saw it. It’s also too early to say how is going to perform at the box-office — probably not so good, given the ongoing COVID-19 emergency. In a recent interview with Den of GeekThe New Mutants director Josh Boone explained precisely where the X-Men spin-off sits in the mutant universe.

“There was a long gestation process,” he said. “There were a lot of scripts and drafts written over time. It started being in the original X-Men timeline, ended up completely its own thing, still with connections to X-Men and all that, and obviously in the same universe, but not tethered to the Dark Phoenix universe.”

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Many fans were already expecting what Boone’s words confirmed. At one time, many rumors pointed out that James McAvoy’s Professor X could play a significant mentor part in the movie. When asked if she hoped to reunite with her Split co-star, even actress Anya Taylor-Joy teased that McAvoy might play a role. While McAvoy’s Professor X never actually shows in the movie, at least Boone’s words confirmed that the story takes place during his timeline, as opposed to Patrick Stewart’s.

The New Mutants is in theaters now.

Have you already seen The New Mutants? What do you think about his timeline? Let us know in the comments section below!

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