The New Mutants Gets a Spooky New Poster

After two long years on the shelf, The New Mutants is almost finally coming to theaters this April. A lot has changed since the film wrapped in 2017, and there’s not even a 20th Century Fox anymore! Now, the recently renamed 20th Century Studios has released a new poster for The New Mutants. It features spooky silhouettes of the main cast. From left to right, there’s Charlie Heaton as Cannonball, Anya Taylor-Joy as Magik, Henry Zaga as Sunspot, Blu Hunt as Dani Moonstar, and Maisie Williams as Wolfsbane,

Additionally, the poster debuted on the film’s official Twitter account with the following caption: “You’re not alone. Not anymore.”

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In the Marvel comic book universe, Chris Claremont and Bob McLeod created the New Mutants as the next generation of the X-Men. However, the film will stand apart from Fox’s X-Men continuity. As director Josh Boone explained, the failure of X-Men: Apocalypse led Fox to push the X-Men links out of New Mutants. Now it’s simply about five young mutants who are held in a psychiatric ward as something supernatural haunts them. The movie was also inspired by Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz’s classic “Demon Bear Saga” storyline.

The New Mutants will hit theaters on April 3.

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