Dr. Robotnik Pushes Buttons in a New Sonic the Hedgehog Clip

Everyone knows that Jim Carrey is capable of more than just comedic roles. But Carrey really shines when a director lets him act completely over the top. This seems to be exactly what happened during the making of Sonic the Hedgehog. For proof, look no further than the latest clip from the movie (via IGN), which prominently features Carrey’s take on Dr. Robotnik.

The clip picks up after Robotnik has Sonic, Tom (James Marsden), and Maddie (Tika Sumpter) cornered on a rooftop. Flying a hovercraft that seems to draw power from a strand of Sonic’s hair, he surrounds them with an army of drones, ready to fire at a moment’s notice. Fortunately, Sonic has a plan to save his new human companions…just not the one they were expecting.

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This latest offering is definitely much more action-oriented than the previous clip, which arrived last Friday. It also gives us another look at the new-and-improved Sonic design. However, we’ll have to wait a few weeks until we learn if the character’s revamp truly bolstered the quality of the film. Sonic the Hedgehog had its world premiere in Los Angeles over the weekend, but reviews are apparently embargoed until February 12. According to Forbes, the movie is also tracking for a $40-47 million opening weekend at the box office.

Sonic the Hedgehog speeds in theaters on February 14. You can check out the new clip below!

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